Friday, November 12, 2010

Consider a Pull-Up Christmas Tree

While searching for artwork to add to the post on tips for selecting an artificial Christmas tree, I ran across several pull-up Christmas trees. I have to admit that I had seen these in the past and basically written them off because the old-school versions were usually sparse and rather tacky looking. However, seeing pictures of some of the new ones out today, I have to admit I am impressed.

If you have limited space, you might want to consider one of these pull-up Christmas trees. They would also be great for anyone who can't or just doesn't want to put up with the hassle of putting together a Christmas tree. The ones I have seen have been at least pre-lit and, often, pre-decorated, making them quick and easy. All fold nearly flat for easy storage without taking up a lot of space.

The only concern I would personally have as far as purchasing one of these pull-up Christmas trees is just how "full" it would look. When I zoomed in closely on one picture I could see through the tree to the wire frame beneath. Make sure that you take a close look and get one that isn't going to look too much like, well, a pull-up Christmas tree.

All in all, if you're short on space, time or patience, one of these pull-up Christmas trees might be worth considering. Happy holidays!

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