Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Your Home Smell Better

There are numerous ways to control the scent of your home, most of which can be achieved very inexpensively and easily. The basics are identifying and removing sources of odor, introducing new scents, and eliminating odors.

The first thing one should do when trying to control the scent of their home is to identify the source of any bad smells. Most often these have to do with dampness, so it's best to start looking in the bathroom and kitchen. Dirty dishes in the sink will produce a foul smell that be easily removed by keeping dishes washed and put away promptly after use. In the bathroom, keep damp towels off the floor and on racks where they have a chance to dry. It's also a good idea not to put anything wet into the dirty clothes hamper since you'll wind up with a musty smell very quickly with wet things in such a confined space. Empty garbage and trash cans often to eliminate this common source of odors.
Introducing new scents to the home is quick and easy using a variety of methods. The easiest is the use of scented candles. Always exercise caution with candles. Be sure you keep the flame far from any flammable materials and never leave a burning candle unattended. If you have small children or pets, candles might not be a good option. Instead, you could choose scented potpourri, products that plug into electrical outlets and release scent, essential oils and room sprays. Another option, if you have air vents in your home or apartment, is to use your favorite dryer sheets to scent your whole home. Simply put a dryer sheet or two into the air intake (where your heating or cooling unit pulls air in). You'll find that the fresh, clean scent is circulated quickly throughout your entire home.
There are a variety of options available to eliminate odors which usually also introduce a new scent into your home at the same time. Look for room sprays that specifically say that they neutralize odors. Some sprays only mask the odors and do nothing to remove them. This might leave you with the smell of mold and roses, which isn't a particularly appealing combination. I am loathe to mention specific products for fear it may seem like an endorsement, but Febreeze is a great odor neutralizer. There are many other products on the market that achieve similar results, so shop around for lower cost options.

Another fantastic option to eliminate odors while introducing scent to your home are effusion lampes. These are usually glass and look like large perfume bottles with ornate metal tops. You pour a special type of oil into the effusion lampe, let it soak into the wick that is attached to a stone, and then you light the stone and let it burn for a couple minutes. You then blow out the flame and place the decorative cap over the stone. The wick pulls the scented oil up into the heated stone and disperses the scent throughout your home. The literature I've seen for effusion lampes claims that they remove bacteria from the air, but I can't swear to that. I do know that they are the most effective means of removing odors from your home that I have ever seen and the scent lasts for days after you burn them.
The only drawbacks to effusion lampes are that they are a little pricey. The lampes themselves can be found online from specialty suppliers or usually at your favorite florist or upscale home decor store. They usually range from thirty to fifty dollars each for a basic one (which serves the purpose just fine) and upwards of a hundred dollars for fancier versions. The oils last quite a while, but they're usually about fifteen dollars or more per bottle. However, if you have serious odor problems or just want the best smelling house on the block, these are definitely the way to go.

Whatever your price range, you can find something to suit your needs. It begins, of course, with removing sources of bad smells. After that, light a candle, spray the room or splurge on an effusion lampe. Whatever option you choose you'll have a fresher, cleaner smelling house and your nose will thank you.

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