Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Instant (And Easy) Storage Solutions

Finding a place for all your “stuff” can sometimes be a challenge. This is especially true if your living space has limited closet and other storage space. With the strict budgets most are living on today,  remodelling may be out of the question. The answer is to be extremely creative to come up with storage solutions that are quick, easy and cost little or nothing to accomplish. 

If it's going to be there anyway...
Look around for opportunities that already exist. There is something that is taking up space that could provide some storage space if you just take the time to notice it. For example, cover a table with a table cloth or other fabric to create storage space underneath. You can take this idea further by adding some inexpensive plastic storage drawers, baskets or stacking crates underneath such an area to organize your belongings.

Create a closet...
You can quickly and easily turn a corner into an extra “closet” by simply using free-standing folding screens. These are usually three or four panels of wood, bamboo or other light materials hinged together and can often be picked up at second-hand or thrift stores at a bargain price. Another option is to hang pieces of material or inexpensive curtain panels to section off the area. You can even hang a shower rod from the ceiling with a short length of chain from your local hardware store for hanging clothing.

Hide it in plain sight...
If you're limited on storage space, try working with your stuff instead of fighting it. Don't try to hide everything. Some of what you need to store can actually be showcased and add to your décor if you handle it right. Try adding a few wall shelves for smaller items. The key is to keep things organized so it looks less like clutter and more like it's supposed to be there. In the bathroom, cosmetics and toiletries neatly displayed in inexpensive woven baskets look good and keep the things you use daily in easy reach. That also frees up some space in drawers or cabinets you can use to store things you use less often.

The key to creating storage space without spending a lot of money is to be extremely creative and observant. Take time to look around and spot lost opportunities. Can you slide some of those flat boxes underneath the couch? Could that corner become a closet? How about a couple baskets on top of the coffee table to organize your craft supplies? If you keep your eyes open and let your imagination run wild, you'll find you can create storage space almost anywhere.

Share your ideas! If you've come up with a clever and inexpensive way to add storage space, let everyone know by adding your comments below.

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